These are the policies for editing on the Tomzgames Wiki.


Do not edit a page if you are not for sure that your facts are correct.

Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Vandalism and trolling will not be tolerated.


Real People on the Tomzgames Wiki should have their information posted on their page. Info should be posted in this order: 1. Their First Appearance on the Tomzgames channel. 2. Their Youtube account. 3. Their Xbox Live Account. 4. Their Playstation Network Account. 5. Their Nintendo Identification. 6. Their Steam Account. 7. Their Twitter Account. 8. Their Reddit Account. 9. Their Real Name.

Last names will not be given on the page unless permitted by that person. All information should be marked "N/A" if you are not sure what that specific info piece is.

Vandalism and Trolling Handling

We will take no tolerance for wiki vandalism. If a wiki page has clearly been vandalized, we will check for the last person who edited the page and that person will be permanently banned from editing the wiki again. If you notice that a page was vandalized do not try to fix it. The administrators will handle it.