SuperStevenTime A.K.A. The Steven Show, was a channel created by tom in 2013. It featured a strange nerdy idiot living his everyday life. The channel was abandoned by tom and was taken down by YouTube due to prolonged inactivity.


Steven was a squinteyed weirdo who was played by tom. He had a nerdy voice and could not speak that well, for instance he said Gois instead of Guys


We can remember some of the videos that were uploaded, we will try to explain them as best as possible.

  1. Welcome - Steven takes about the channel and what it will be about.
  2. Eating pizza - Steven eats pizza and acts like a moron
  3. Zombie apocalypse - Steven talks about how to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse and wields a broken toy rifle.


  • The character of Steven was intended to be a parody of the Boogie2988 character Francis.
  • It received a generally poor response from viewers, one stated "grow up kid"