Who is Ruffsta?

Ruffsta was a fan of Tom's videos since late 2014. He then decided to get in contact with Tom with Youtube comments and tweets in 2016.

Ruffsta then decided to add in english captions into Tom's videos. (well only some, for now.)

First Appearance (if it counts.): Destroy All Humans Madness - Mikes World.

Youtube: Ruffsta

New profile picture

Ruffsta's Current Youtube Profile Picture.


PSN: Ruffsta704

Steam: Ruffsta

Nintendo ID: N/A

Twitter: Ruffsta2

Reddit: (Had one, but not anymore.)

Real Name: N/A


  • He tells stories of his life in most of his Youtube videos.
  • He is a big fan of Kingdom Hearts.
  • He can make some decent art.