Mineland is a country in Minecraft created by Tom and Mason. Main cities include Goldywood (Total Miner), New Dork City (The Vault), Windbag City, and Longtown (The Adventures of Roger and Hank). And more. When playing on this map the year it takes place is 2342


For more info see Mineland Timeline

Explorers from the country of Dukia discovered a previously unseen land to the east of their country in December, 1611. Leading these explorers was a man named Goldy. In January, 1612 they founded a city called Goldywood. For 29 years, Dukia and the explorers in Goldywood managed to keep the new land a secret from other countries. But people eventually figured it out and people came from all around to live in this new land. Several independent cities appeared. In 1659, Goldy (now 70 years old) founded the Council of Cities. The Council helped cities in the area contact each other and trade with each other. One year later, the city of Totia was founded in the area. Totia never got to hold a representative in the Council of Cities. Regardless of this, on June 3, 1681 all the cities in the area united to be one country called Mineland.

Until 1889, Mineland remained free of organized crime. In 1889, Charles McDeath got his family in New Dork City together so they could terrorize the area. In 1892 Charles McDeath was killed by two men from Longtown, Roger and Hank. For 3 years the family was disorganized. Until Charles McDeath's nephew Henry McDeath got the family back together. In 1919, the McShootzee family became a family of crime in the capital of Goldywood. In 1955, the McDeath family destroyed a casino in Longtown. When the word of this got to the McShootzee family, the two became rival crime families. And in 2046, the McShootzee family destroyed New Dork City. However the city was saved by the time traveling duo, Adam and Jack.

In 1963, the city of Totia became interested in independence from the Union of Mineland. The city was always angry that Goldy's family never let them into the Council of Cities. The people of Totia argued that they shouldn't have had to put up with Mineland laws and taxes. In 1979, Totia became officially independent through diplomacy.


these are locations found in the country of mineland


  • Swazka was a village that doesn't receive any technology from the government.
  • Goldywood was originally built in Total Miner, and the videos of the old city are still on the Tomzgames channel.
  • the map was originally made just for The Vault and only had new dork city but later was expanded
  • the map on Minecraft takes place in the year 2342 while playing in it.