Michael is toms cousin who plays games with him in the 2 cousins play series

so far they have played Watch dogs, peggle 2, Destroy all humans POTF. Gta 5, and more
Michael with headphones on.

Michael With Headphones on.

he visits every weekend and has Xbox live but not steam, psn, or YouTube. Well his dad has a YouTube but does not upload. He comments with his uncles account. he is in the channel Mikes World however does not own it


  • gta v
  • buying shark cards
  • dogs
  • big macs
  • blowing stuff up
  • spinners
  • watching videos
  • rocket league
  • screaming frogs
  • root beer


  • Dying in gta
  • when he doesn't get to play gta
  • roblox
  • popcorn
  • dabbing
  • people who steal his food


  • michaaaael
  • ooh look at the sign.
  • ah haha
  • Can I Try?
  • oooooh look at
  • ooh he's mad! He's mad
  • Adeeeeuuu
  • his name is felony?
  • I swear I saw white eyes.
  • im in a cube car
  • Well why should I?
  • Ferdalerdalerdaler
  • o
  • k
  • ok
  • idk
  • lol
  • woah


  • His face reveal on the Tomzgames channel is in 2 cousins play ep 11 - The vlog.
  • His favorite game Is GTA V. In fact it is The only game he plays along with rocket league occassionally.
  • He's short tempered sometimes.
  • He destroyed a Pumpkin, Xbox One, a fidget spinner, and flipped a table, and other stuff.

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