Kevin Kalby is a British man who escaped the prison he was hiding in the subway system for 3 years but was later taken to prison again, he then committed suicide in prison because he was very depressed with being locked up in a smelly old room and everyone hating him.

he was born in Swazka new mineland and was friends with Adam Jacobs for a while. When he was 6 he shot his dad with a bazooka. In 1st grade he killed his teacher by choking him with a PC mouse and was expelled and then disowned by his mom a few few years afterwards. Without a home Kevin explored the world and was mean to anyone he met. He was then arrested in goldywood for robbing a bank, 3 weeks later he broke out of prison and hid in the subway system for 3 years and was later caught and died in prison at the age of 55

Cause of death: suicide


  • he had Tourettes syndrome which is why he cursed a lot
  • he got arrested in goldywood and was a very dangerous criminal
  • his mom disowned him when he was 8
  • he shot his dad when he was 6
  • he strangled his teacher with a computer mouse.


  • F**k!
  • This F*****g subway system smells like sh*t