Jack 2 is a MiniMovie and Sequal to the video JACK it was uploaded september 3rd 2016 click here to watch


The video begins with a flashback of the first video, then cuts to tom walking down the stairs and he sees Jack, Jack knocks out tom and then Michael arrives to put tom somewhere safe. mike calls Rick and they work together to stop Jack, tom wakes up and goes to ricks house where he interrupts the fight. jack chases tom and then Rick ends jack


  1. Tom- main character, gets knocked out early in the video but wakes up later
  2. Jack- antagonist who knocks out tom and trespasses onto Ricks property
  3. Mike- other main character who tries helping tom
  4. Rick- a supporting character who builds a weapon to use on Jack


  • The video was originally going to be recorded and uploaded in mid August but was delayed due to extremely high temperatures.
  • Originally rick was going to use a bb gun and have the bullet effects edited into the video but was changed while writing the script.