JACK is a mini-movie uploaded in 3 parts. it is about Tom and Michael, 2 guys who want to stop a bad guy named Jack. A full version is to be uploaded shortly


Part 1- Tom calls mike over when he reads about a murderer, he shows mike the info on his computer then they go to jack's last location and find an SD card. as they walk home jack sees them. After watching the video on the sd card tom and mike go get a gun an wait at the park.

Part 2- Michael wants to try the gun but tom doesn't let him, this angers Michael and he tries to fight the gun from tom but accidentally pulls the trigger. Jack hears the gun shot at runs away. Tom and mike head home and have a snack, suddenly toms phone rings and a man named Rick calls him. Rick asks about a gunshot and tells tom to be careful. they then hear a noise from outside and see that it's Jack. Tom goes outside and trips, he then runs from Jack. Later tom is captured by jack.

Part 3- Tom wakes up tied to a chair in front of Jack. michael then steps in and shoots jacks leg, Jack leaves and Michael unites tom. Then Jack comes running back in and the 2 protaganists run but Michael gets caught. Tom shoots Jack and he dies. As tom and mike are walking away they turn around to get rid of the dead body but Jack is nowhere to be seen.


  • Initially it was supposed to be a trilogy and have a final ending in part 3 but a sequal is in the works.
  • a full version has been released