The 12 days of Tomzgames was a series in December of 2014, it had 12 episodes and they were all Christmas themed. Including a Christmas intro. There will be no 12 days in any other years


Day 1: Introduction,gta v gameplay (I talk about the next 11 days in the series)

Day 2: Indie game (I play a Christmas indie game)

Day 3: 5 years with an xbox (I look back on an old Christmas recording from 2009)

Day 4: Santa rage (I played Saints row 4 and went on a rampage as Santa)

Day 5: The gaming geek recap (I talk about the gaming geek)

Day 6: Minecraft Tundra pt1 (I play minecraft in the tundra)

Day 7: Minecraft Tundra pt2 (I play minecraft in the tundra again)

Day 8: Channel history (I looked through all my videos)

Day 9: Heavy plays an indie game (Heavy plays a game for christmas)

Day 10: Looking at my games (I show the games I own)

Day 11: Wrap-Up (I talk about the past 10 days and about day 12)

Day 12: Best of 2014 montage (A collection of the best moments on the channel in the year)


  • all episodes were recorded in late November/early December as tom thought he couldn't finish it in time if he did it later
  • day 9 was also in the heavy plays series
  • day 3 was not recorded professionally
  • day 12 was uploaded on December 25 (CHRISTMAS!) and was the main point of this entire series.
  • this is by far one of the most sorry excuses for a series